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  • Bent wheel before
    Before Repair
  • Bent wheel after
    After repair
  • Sport before
  • Sport After
  • Mercedes set before
    These wheels were trashed, bent and corroded.
  • Mercedes set after
    We made them like new!
  • Ansen before
    Vintage Ansen Wheel Before
  • Ansen after
  • Vintage slot before
    Vintage slot before
  • Vintage Slot after
    Vintage slot after
  • TA Gold
    Trans Am 15 x 8
  • VW Wolfsburg before
    VW BBS corroded lip
  • VW Wolfsburg after
    VW BBS after CNC machining and powder coating
  • Z28 Black/Machined
    Z28 Black/Machined. We have a set of these for sale!


Why should you use Twin City Wheel Repair?

We can repair almost any OEM (original equipment manufacturer) alloy rim or wheel whether it's bent, cracked, scraped, scratched, gouged or corroded. We are the alloy wheel repair professionals in Minnesota. From minor curb rash and scratches to serious bends, Twin City Wheel Repair can handle it. We can also repair most aftermarket wheels as well.

We specialize in straightening bent wheels quickly and without having to refinish saving you time and money. Often we can straighten your wheel while you wait!

Why buy a new wheel costing upwards of $300 to $2000 when you can have your wheels repaired at a fraction of the cost? We can repair your wheel usually for less than half the cost of a new replacement and it will look virtually new and perform as well as a new one! We can paint and/or powder coat your wheels depending on the type of original finish.

With our CNC lathe we can perfectly duplicate the finish on machined wheels, something most of our competitors can not do.

Straightening and minor repairs can usually be done the same day. Complete refinishing / refurbishing typically takes two days but can take up to a week depending on our work load. Please give us a call.



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