OEM Refinishing

Have Minnesota winters taken a toll on your factory OEM wheels? Or maybe you've gotten just a little too close to the curb. We can almost always bring your OEM wheel back to that factory new look.

Many dealerships use us exclusively for refinishing because they know they can trust us to provide them with a product their customers are pleased with.

Our prices on OEM refinishing are very competitve and compared with the cost of a new wheel, in many cases refinishing can save you 75% or more of the price of a new replacement wheel.

  • Mercedes 1

    Bent, corroded, and ugly Mercedes OEM wheel.

  • Mercedes 2

    Straight, clean and beautiful Mercedes OEM after refinishing.

  • Mercedes Set Before

    These detracted from the look of an otherwise nice car.

  • Mercedes set After

    These made the car!

  • Rare Fisker Wheel

    Fisker Wheel, no replacement available. We made it like new again.