Custom Finishing

We can custom paint or powder coat your OEM or aftermarket wheels. If you're looking for a different look, give us a call to discuss it. We stock many common colors and can special order thousands of colors and effects. Look thru our photo gallery for examples of what we've done and what's possible.

  • VW White
    VW White
  • BMW
  • Jeep Machine Black
    Jeep Machine Black
  • White 3 Piece
    White 3 Piece
  • Jeep Black
    Jeep Black
  • Mini Black
    Mini Black
  • BMW Black
    BMW Black
  • Celica White
    Celica White
  • Porsche Silver Stripe
    Porsche Silver Stripe
    We painted these black and added a silver stripe.
  • Boxter Turbo Twists
    Boxter Turbo Twists
    These were silver, we painted them black, machined the lip and finished with a matte clear.
  • Vintage Fuchs
    Vintage Fuchs

    These were painted black, machined and finished with a matte clear coat.